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Knitting Stitch Pattern Tutorial 21

                            Free Knit Stitch Pattern Tutorial 21 Easy to Knit Stitches for Beginners

Another pretty stitch pattern for your next knit project. See more stitches to knit on Sheruknittingcom Channel. This beautiful knitting stitch pattern consists of curved vertical lines, between the line you is the reverse stockinette. One single line made over 3 stitches. To create a bar that kind of constricts knit stitches
you need pass the third stitch over two first once and off the next and then add a stitch doing a yarn over. All these should be made in one row, all the next rows of a pattern repeat are nothing but a 3x3 rib, plain and very simple! To work this stitch pattern you only need to know how to knit, purl and do yarn overs. Make this stitch pattern your new favorite one! Enjoy!
Stitch  was made with  Knitting needles 4 mm, and with yarn: 55% Cotton, 45% Poly Acryli, 160m/50g.

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