четверг, 29 мая 2014 г.

Front Cross Cable Stitch Pattern Knitting Tutorial 11

                           Front Cross Cable Stitch Pattern Knitting Tutorial 11 Easy Cable Stitch Patterns

Easy cable stitch pattern, 1 by 1 cable stitch, C1F Cable, C2F, learn how to knit cables for beginners, beautiful cables on the right side of a fabric. In this tutorial you will learn how to knit a simple knitting stitch pattern with cables where each cable is two stitches wide, with one stitch crossing to the left over the other one. This knitting video tutorial demonstrates a swatch of 3 cables, each cable worked over 2 stitches, which is 1 by 1 cable stitch (C1F cable - cross 1 front) or C2F (cable 2 stitches wide and 1 stitch cross on front). Thanks for watching!
 Stitch  was made with  Knitting needles 4 mm, and with yarn: 55% Cotton, 45% Poly Acryli, 160m/50g. 

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