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Easy Crochet Butterfly Tutorial 14 Crochet Element

                 Easy Crochet Butterfly Tutorial 14 Free Crochet Butterfly Patterns

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Summer is just the right time for making some butterflies. Learn how to crochet many different butterflies with Sheruknittingcom video tutorials. This crochet video tutorial shows you how to crochet a beautiful butterfly pattern, which is very easy and fast to make. To crochet this pretty butterfly you need to begin working in rows and once you`ve completed three rows make a round of a nice trim together with crocheting antennas. This last round you can work with picots or without. Both results are beautiful and shown in this tutorial. You will really enjoy making these crochet butterflies. Thanks for watching!
Butterfly was made of  100% Cotton Mercerized, 169m/50g,4 ply; and with Steel Crochet Hook 1.5 mm or 2mm (#8 or #4 US standards).
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