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Crochet Cord With Flowers Tutorial 54

                                Crochet Cord With Flowers Tutorial 54 Crochet Floral Necklace

Crochet floral necklace, crochet bracelets,  crochet flowers, free crochet cord tutorial. In this crochet video tutorial you will see a great way to crochet flowers joining them together with a cord made of chain stitches and double crochet stitches. Work in one-go technique. It is a good idea for crochet bracelets, necklace, belts. You can crochet a cord of small and large flowers making the long or short cord in between the flowers. Add a bead to the center of each flower to make the cord prettier. Thanks for watching!
Crochet hook #4 (US standard), 2.00 mm diameter. Thread specifications: 100% Cotton, 150m/50g. 

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