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How to Knit Flower Tutorial 19

            How to Knit 3D 5-Petal Flower Tutorial 19 Free Knitting Flower Patterns

Online tutorials for beginners, free knitting patterns, knitting flowers, learn how to knit beautiful flowers in easy steps, awesome flower for embellishing. In this free knitting video tutorial you will see a beautiful flower pattern and learn how knit this flower following easy steps shown in this tutorial. The thick petals are made of double fabric and the center is worked with a crochet hook of fur yarn. This flower is a perfect addition to you hat, bag, scarf and any home decor. Happy knitting!
Flower  was made with Crochet Hook 2.25mm (which is #2 US standard) and with yarn: 55% Cotton, 45% Poly Acryli, 160m/50g. 

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