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Knit Rose Flower Pattern Tutorial 13

                               Knit Rose Flower Pattern Tutorial 13 Free Flower Knitting Patterns

Free rose flower pattern to knit, how to knit a rose flower video tutorial, beautiful flower patterns, easy to knit flowers, learn how to knit rose flower with detailed video instructions. This easy to knit rose flower can be made of three, four or even more petals. A rose flower is a perfect embellishment for dresses, shawls, bags, headbands...  Enjoy making this rose!
Easy way to crochet a hat for a woman or a child. This fast and easy to stitch crochet hat can be made in a few hours as a gift or just like a new handmade piece of work for your wardrobe. In this part of the tutorial 2 we continue the work and crochet 6 more rounds of double crochet stitches which is a body part of a hat. You can make more or less rounds in a body part. This crochet hat was made of variegated yarn to get very unique and beautiful color mix. This pattern was originally created for an adult female so once you are done with a hat you can embellish it with handmade flowers and leaves, or beads and buttons. The tutorials for many beautiful crochet and knitted flower and leaf designs you will be able to find on our Sheruknittingcom YouYube Channel. Please subscribe!
To make this knit flower you need yarn: 50% Merino, 50% Acrylic, 280 meters/100 grams, weight - DK/8 ply(11wpi).

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