воскресенье, 30 марта 2014 г.


                                    Crochet Floral Blouse With Bracelet Model 23 Crochet Summer Blouse 

Crochet summer lace blouse with flowers, crochet mesh, crochet flower bracelet, Crochet Romanian point lace cord. This fabulous crocheted floral lace blouse together with a bracelet is made in Irish Lace or Guipure Lace Technique. It is light, bright and very fresh, just the perfect choise for summer. First to begin the work on this beautiful blouse you need to crochet flowers and cord as individual elements and then attach the together by working crochet mesh, crochet picot mesh and brides. The bracelet made in the same style is a great addition to the main piece of work. This crocheted floral blouse you can dress on a party.

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