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Crochet Lace Tape Tutorial 2 Part 1

            Crochet Lace Tape Tutorial 2 Part 1 of 2 Crochet Popcorn Stitch Round Motif

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Another type of pretty lace ribbon. Begin to crochet this ribbon by making a round crochet element or crochet popcorn stitch flower. This crochet round motif made in 4 rounds. In first round we worked double crochet stitches, in second - 5-treble crochet popcorn stitches, third round is a round of chain spaces, and the last round is a beautiful single crochet trim with picots. Nothing is difficult especially if you follow our video instructions! Thanks for watching!
Lace was made of  100% Cotton Mercerized, 169m/50g,4 ply; and with Steel Crochet Hook 1.5 mm or 2mm (#8 or #4 US standards).

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