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Crochet Leaf Tutorial 24 Part 1

                Crochet Leaf How to Tutorial 24 Part 1 of 2 Single Crochet Stitches Worked In Back Loop

With this free crochet leaf tutorial you will be able to make a beautiful leaf with surface that is very close to the real leaf. If you are a beginner you should try. Making this crochet leaf we are working only single crochet stitches, single crochet 2 together, chain stitches and slip stitches. All stitches worked in back loops. In this part we made the half of the leaf and continue in part 2 the same tutorial. Enjoy!
This crochet leaf was made Steel Crochet Hook size 2.25mm (which is #2 US standards) and yarn: 55% Cotton, 45% Polyacrilic, 160m in 50g, 5ply
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