воскресенье, 26 января 2014 г.

Irish Crochet Vest Model 16

                                             Bright Irish Crochet Back Vest Model 16 

Crochet vest pattern for ladies. This model is so relaxed and comfortable, but it still looks like you put some effort into what you're wearing. It adds a nice bohemian flair to any outfit and perfect for fickle springtime days. Bright red vest made of two types of yarn. The knit stockinette front worked with fur type of yarn, and the Irish crochet back made of cotton thread. Not too special from the front and so fancy from the back this model will be your fave. To make the back part of the vest you need place different ready crocheted elements on paper model and collect them together by working the crochet chaotic mesh. Free detailed charts and schematics are provided. Thanks for watching!

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