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Crochet and Knitting White Collection

                     Crochet and Knitting White Collection Dress Coat Poncho Blouse

The knitted garments topic was the Cinderella of the world of the high fashion for a long time, and nowadays almost all fashion houses include in their collections products made of knitted materials. Our fashion House, "Sheru", has been working for 10 years in this direction. "Hand knitted garments" is one of the oldest kinds of decorative, applied art, whose history spans more than 3000 years. Nowadays, in the knitted collections from our designers (such as "white collection", "Geometry", "Flowers", "Black & White", etc...) both simple & chic, plain & stylish, vanguard & classic go together splendidly, which allows elegant women and men to dress naturally and elegantly. Also, in spite of the old view of knitted clothes being the biggest part of a winter collection, knitted garments produced for summer clothes are also very comfortable. In order to make them, cotton, linen and silk threads are used. In the winter time we need warmth and cosiness. For this very desire, knitted garments as satisfying as can be. Our constant love for soft, warm and cozy clothes can't kill any fashion diktat.Quality and style of work allow using stockinette in the different directions of modern fashion tendencies. For instance, elegant and classical clothes made of thin stockinette can look elegant and feminine, or intentionally rough in large knitted garments in the style of hand knitting, which is another direction in fashion. Using the dense stockinette with spandex and other modern fibers, designers get an excellent opportunity to create something both very comfortable and tight -- fitting as "a second skin". Decor can be separate topic with all its varieties of accessories and designers' ideas. A lot of methods exist, thanks to which you can turn even the most banal knitted thing into something stylish. First of all, these are modern techniques and fabrics, which give earlier unknown qualities to a knitted linen. Modern quality, knitted products haven't already been stretched, or slacked by awful "bags" on different body parts and haven't lost their color.
Secondly, the unique stockinette that is used together with materials of different fabrics has excellent coloring and embroidery on the stockinette that accentuate its details and qualities. Thirdly, there is ductility and color richness in this fabric, from which designers can make almost everything nowadays, starting with swimsuits and ending with coats. The organic synthesis of textures in every product, combined with the irreproachable quality of the work and inspired design of our fashion designers leaves a magical impression. So, you should think about what exactly you want now. Do you want softness, creativity and refinement? Even the most sophisticated woman can choose something for herself from the fashion House "Sheru". If you are a hard worker and assiduous, you have every chance to make being an attractive model a reality with patterns proposed by fashion designers.

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