вторник, 15 октября 2013 г.

Crochet Folded Petal Flower Tutorial 57 Part 1 and 2

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Begin to crochet flowers! In this free crochet tutorial we will be making a 3D 8-petal flower where petals are folded to the right and in the center of this flower we will be making 8-treble crochet popcorn stitches. In this part we show you haw to make the base for the flower and complete the first petal. Thanks for watching!
To make this crochet flower use yarn 100% Cotton, 169m/50g; and Steel Crochet Hook 1.5 mm or 2mm (#8 or #4 US standards)

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  1. may i ask do you have your patterns written out somewhere, i cannnot crochet as fast as you on the video? your patterns are very beautiful and look easy enough, but i have to keep stopping the video and rewinding it as i am slower than you at crochet. thx kep@nbnet.nb.ca

  2. Thank you for share your video, i download this fom savefrom.net